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 Here you will find my thoughts, updates and general information

Dont you hate it when your on a roll and then you realise you have run out of  a key ingredient!  yep thats me, I was so certain I had more in the store cupboard. but no..  So I am now waiting on a delivery so I can continue with the Christmas bath bombs which i was having such fun w ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 13 November 2020 06:59
When deciding to start a business selling cosmetics, and for me it was cold process soap that really got my attention in the beginning. I was hooked on the science behind it, how oils and butters turned into soap!  I read so much information about how to do that legally and called my local Tra ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 17 February 2020 17:14
Since I brought out my Soya Wax Melts, I have been asked “what’s with all the warnings on the boxes?” So I thought I would explain a little more here. I take the law on cosmetics production very seriously. Because I also make soya wax melts It wont surprise you that I do even ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 17 August 2019 07:06
I am please to say these fragrances are very true to the orignal scent and prooving popular with my customers.  We have Angle wings, Olympia, Like Blue, Savage and Now Girl. Hopefully some more to come.  Keep watching! ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 17 February 2019 10:43
I have added the first of the designer fragrances in the bath bombs first, it is called Like Blue, very similar to a well known fragrance for men.  There will be some designer fragrances being added to the wax melts too, its all very exciting. ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 07 January 2019 06:33
Hello and finally got my hands on my bath bombs moulds today it felt so good getting back into the swing of things after Christmas break. I will be making more tomorrow to build up the stock at my stall again after Christmas sales. Didnt make to many batches today but got,  Sweet As Candy ( wh ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 02 January 2019 16:17
In the past 7 years I have had numberous websites some made by myself and some made professionally but I have not been totally happy with them. Some websites are easy to place products but turned out to be too expensive, or the other way around. This website seems to be easy to use and at a reasona ...
Posted by Soap from the heart on 31 December 2018 17:50
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