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Todays Moan

When deciding to start a business selling cosmetics, and for me it was cold process soap that really got my attention in the beginning. I was hooked on the science behind it, how oils and butters turned into soap! 

I read so much information about how to do that legally and called my local Trading Standards, at the time it was kind of new so they didnt know a great deal. Thats changed now they are on the ball with all of it.

It has cost me so much money to have my products assessed (a legal requirement to make sure your products are safe to use by the public). This has to be done before you can sell anything and insurance is a must too.

Once an item has been assessed and I can get to making it, I test it myself again lol. (thats the fun part), make a product file and registering (oh yes, you have to register your products on the EU portal - Soon a UK portal)

Then how im going to package it if its a fancy bath bomb or soap. Whats the best labels to show all the information you need on it.

 All this has to be done before I can even think about selling a new product.


So heres my moan. I see people selling handmade soaps, bath bombs, bath salts all the lovely fun stuff you put on your skin.

They pop up on social media and when the hot weather hits you'll find them at  carboots, markets, school fairs ect.

Its usually quiet obvious they are selling with no knowledge of what is needed, all to make some extra money.

I am sure some will be unemployed, some working a full time job and do it to top up their wages.  Does the tax man know they have a second income?

They dont have assessments, insurance and none or incorrect labelling.

How can you trust them with your health and or your children health at risk? 

Some skin complaints can happen so easily from using products with to much essential oils or fragrance. This can last years, even with creams, lotions and potions from your Doctor.

Some people already know what ingredients or allergens they have to avoid in cosmetics and need to look at the labels before they buy. Its just the same as someone who has, for instance, Celiac disease, they would need to look at the ingredients of packets of food and avoid gluten a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats.

These are very important things that need to be on show.  My moan isnt directed at anyone, this is my feelings on this subject and I am passionate about my products and the law's that keep people safe.

Thank you for reading. Lesley.

Posted by Soap from the heart on 17 February 2020 17:14

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